Itinéraires du Patrimoine wallon n° 11. La route des La Marck. Une saga féodale

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Frédéric Marchesani


Agence wallonne du Patrimoine (AWaP)


Format: 11,2 x 22,5 cm
Pages: 286
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Number legal depot: D/2022/14.407/13
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Itinéraires du Patrimoine wallon n° 11. La route des La Marck. Une saga féodale

The "Itinéraires du Patrimoine wallon" collection, of which this volume is the eleventh, brings together a series of guides for the general public with the aim of actively discovering the heritage of Wallonia. These books, intended as practical guides for a visit, deal with various themes. In this case, it is the heritage linked to the de la Marck family.

La route des La Marck. Une saga féodale presents a number of places linked to this prestigious family. Originating in the Eifel hills and arriving in the Ardennes and Famenne in the 13th century, this dynasty split into seven branches whose descendants have left their mark in the four corners of Belgium and beyond. Lords, counts, dukes, bishops and cardinals were all part of this family, which died out in the 18th century, but whose blood still flows through the veins of the Dukes of Arenberg today. Rather than listing all the traces of this family, this book concentrates on its most emblematic ones. In addition to the heritage sites, the book also mentions a large number of Belgian museums and tourist centres, with excursions to Germany, France and the Netherlands. With all the practical information needed to organise your visit, this publication is a true tourist guide.


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