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31 May 2018

12th Arenberg-Coimbra Group Prize Award, Salamanca

The 2018 Laureate of the Arenberg-Coimbra Group Prize is Mr Arnab Dutta from the University of Göttingen (Germany).

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Arenberg - Coimbra Group Prize Prizes

26 May 2018

Conductor of the Arenberg Choir Lou Van Cleynenbreugel receives Arenberg medal

On 26 May 2018 Lou Van Cleynenbreugel, conductor of the Arenberg Choir, received the silver Arenberg medal for merit from the hands of Duke Leopold of Arenberg in Heverlee.

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Medals for merit Silver medal Music

17 May 2018

Article in Trends: Arenberg Foundation

Article in Trends magazine 

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10 February 2018

15th Anniversary of the Lauenen Chamber Concerts

In 2018 we celebrated the Lauenen Chamber Concerts' 15th Anniversary, as the first concert took place in February 2003. The Lauenen Chamber Concerts Association is a small and lean organisation with the objective to organise and support performances of chamber music (including chamber orchestras) in Lauenen. Other efforts have included the support of young musicians and the promotion of contemporary classical music.

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