Arenberg medals for merit

Reproductions in silver or gold of a florin (18.832 gr) dated 1676 showing the sovereign duke Charles-Eugène d’Arenberg (1674-1681).


Carolus Eugenius D : (in Kreis 2/3) G : Dux Arenbergicus Rosette
Arms with the ducal hat, ermine cloak and shield carried by a lion and a griffon


Dux Arenbergensis * Bene Meritis

This medal was created by request to replace a distinction from the Belgian authorities by one from the Arenberg family.

While as a general principle the medal is awarded in recognition of scientific, historical, artistic and literary work, it is primarily awarded to the many people who continue to render eminent service to the House of Arenberg.

Gold Arenberg medal

Silver Arenberg medal