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Topics for dissertations and/or doctorates

  • The correspondence between Mirabeau and Auguste d'Arenberg, Count de La Marck (1750-1833)
  • The negotiations (1588-1603) between the Spanish (Charles d'Arenberg) and the English before and after sending the Armada
  • The matrimonial policy of the House of Arenberg during the Ancien Régime
  • The soldiers:
    • Jean de Ligne, Count d'Arenberg (1525-1568), killed in action at Heiligerlée
    • Alexandre (1590-1629), Knight of the Order of the Golden Fleece, killed in action at the siege of Wesel
    • Alexandre (1665-1683), captain of a company of Spanish cuirassiers [heavy cavalry], killed in action in Pannonia (Hungary)
    • Albert (1600-1674), Captain-General of Artillery
    • Ernest (1643-1686), Governor and Captain-General of the Duchy of Luxemburg and Count de Chiny
    • Octave (1643-1693), Mestre de camp general of the Armies of the King of Spain, killed in action at Neerwinden
    • Philippe-Charles-François (1663-1691), General Officer commanding a regiment of Burgundian cavalry, killed in action at Salankemen
    • Léopold-Philippe (1690-1754), Marshal of Empire, wounded 3 times, Commander-in-Chief of the Imperial Armies in the Austrian Netherlands
    • Charles-Marie-Raymond (1721-1778), Marshal of Empire, wounded in the Seven Year War
    • Auguste (1753-1833), Marshal of France, then Major General in the Austrian Forces and finally Lieutenant General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, seriously wounded in India ( april 1782) during the War of American Independence
    • Ernest (1777-1857), major in the Austrian forces, then Major General in the Kingdom of the Netherlands
    • Prosper-Louis (1785-1861), colonel of the Duke of Arenberg's Light Cavalry Regiment (1806-1814), wounded
    • Charles (1831-1896), captain of Austrian cavalry (5th Dragoons)
    • Joseph (1833-1896), captain of Austrian cavalry (7th Dragoons)
    • Louis (1837-1870), major of Austrian cavalry (2nd Hussars), murdered in St Petersburg
    • Ernest (1895-1915), reserve lieutenant in the 32nd French infantry regiment, died from his wounds
    • Antoine-Guillaume (1891-1919), lieutenant in King William I Hussars, No. 7, died from his wounds

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