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Musicians and scholars of music have only known about the music collection of the Arenberg family's private archives at Enghien, which is remarkable both for its quality and the quantity, for a decade now. Research in this collection by the musicologist Marie Cornaz has resulted in the production of two catalogues, which were published in the 1995 and 2004 volumes of the Revue belge de Musicologie (Belgian Musicology review). The two catalogues reveal that this is one of the richest private collections in Belgium, forming an exceptional international musical heritage of almost one thousand five hundred pieces.
The French version of this site offers the opportunity of consulting the complete catalogue as well as a selection of illustrations from a number of 18th century manuscripts and editions.

The cataloguing of the musical collection is only the starting point of a vast development project, assisted by the AACC. The project includes:
- writing a book: Les ducs d’Arenberg et la musique au XVIIIe siècle. Histoire d’une collection musicale (Brepols, 2010).
- highlighting the value of unknown high quality works of music in the collection: participating in recordings, concerts and the publishing of scores.

For more details, see French version.

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