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Agenda 2015

Chamber music concert in the church of Lauenen, Berner Oberland

See Lauenen Chamber Music Association:
February 21st and 23rd

«5 Linie Regiment», uiteenzetting over August van Arenberg, Enghien

April 24th
» Speech by the Duke d'Arenberg in Dutch [PDF] or in French [PDF]

Arlington cemetery, Washington, D.C.

April 14th

«Arenberg Trophy» in Aarschot, Belgium

May 25th

Award Ceremony of the Arenberg - Coimbra Group Prize, Leiden

May 27th
Laureate: Benjamin van Soldt

» Speech by Duke Leopold d'Arenberg [PDF]
Report of the award ceremony on the website of the Coimbra Group

Meeting of the scientific committee of the Belgian Arenberg Foundation, Enghien
Meeting of the board of the Belgian Arenberg Foundation
Medal for merit award

May 30th

Award Ceremony of the College of Europe – Arenberg Prize, Brussels, European Parliament

June 3rd
» Speech by Mr Guy Verhofstadt [PDF]
» News item on the website of the College of Europe

Conference about the civil society, Berlin

September 15th
» Rede von Herzog Leopold von Arenberg [DE, PDF]

IVth Arenberg Conference for History «Nobility and Power in Central Europe 1918-2015», in collaboration with the Catholic University Pazmany Péter, Budapest

September 18th-19th
Poster [PDF]

Meeting of the «Centre européen d'études bourguignonnes» (CEÉB), Brussels - Mariemont

September 24th - 27th
» Allocution au nom du CEÉB par le Duc Léopold d’Arenberg [PDF]

Vth Arenberg Conference for History on the theme «Barriers and Borders in and beyond the Habsburg World: A Transregional Perspective» in collaboration with the Faculty of Arts and Litterature from the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven

19-20 november
» Web site
» Opening speech by duke Leopold d'Arenberg [PDF]
» Closing speech by duke Leopold d'Arenberg [PDF]

Conference about prosperity and the small enterprise, in collaboration with ING (bank), Brussels

November 19th
» Conference program: in French, in Dutch [PDF]

Conference on multiculturalism/interculturalism, Brussels

in collaboration with the two Royal Academies of Belgium
March10th, 2016

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