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Agenda 2014

Chamber music concert in the church of Lauenen, Berner Oberland

See Lauenen Chamber Music Association:
February 15th

Lauenen Chamber Music Association


Presentation of the book «Margaretha von der Marck» in Coblence, Germany

March 11th

Margarethe von der Marck

» Read more about «Margaretha von der Marck» by Dr. Neu
» Region Rhein "Buchvorstellung im Landeshauptarchiv Koblenz"

Meeting be. launching of an «Arenberg Trophy» in Aarschot, Belgium

March 12th

Board meeting of the German Arenberg Foundation, Essen-Heidhausen,  in Bonn

May 26th

Meeting of the scientific committee of the Belgian Arenberg Foundation, Enghien
Meeting of the board of the Belgian Arenberg Foundation
Medal award
Meeting of the scientific committee of the prizes ‘Duke d’Arenberg’ for History

May 24th

«Grand Serment Royal et de St Georges des Arbalétriers de Bruxelles», Zavel church, Brussels

May 31st

Grand Serment Royal et de St Georges des Arbalétriers de BruxellesGrand Serment Royal et de St Georges des Arbalétriers de Bruxelles

Prize award Arenberg Coimbra, Groningen, Netherlands

» Laureate: Mr Steven Otterman from the University of Göttingen, June 20th

Conference about the German Mittelstand in an historical perspective in collaboration with the German Stifterverband in Berlin

» September 17th, Motor Mittelstand Antrieb der Deutschen Wirtschaft (PDF)
» Speech by Duke Leopold d'Arenberg (PDF)

Prize award ‘Duke d’Arenberg’ for history, palace of academies, Brussels

» November 14th

Books published or to be published:

  • «Margarethe von der Marck», dr. Neu
  • «Marcel Rémy, un pas de plus», Philippe Barraud
  • «The Arenberg parchment, a history of the Crusades», professor Jacques Paviot
  • «The House of Arenberg in France», professor Claude-Isabelle Brelot

Research in Vienna by dr. Hyden-Hanscho concerning the publication of a book under the direction of dr. William Godsey about the House of Arenberg in Austria


Restauration of Arenberg archives in Germany and in Holland 


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College of Europe - Arenberg European PrizeCollege of Europe - Arenberg European Prize

Arenberg-Coimbra Prize

History Prizes 'Duke d'Arenberg'



Historical itinerary 'de La Marck'



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