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Agenda 2013

Chamber music concert in the church of Lauenen, Berner Oberland

See Lauenen Chamber Music Association:
Lauenen Chamber Concerts. 10th Anniversary 2003-2013. Selected Archive recordings. [pdf]
Bernese Oberland, February, 23-24th

Lauenen Chambert Concerts CD class=

Portrait of duke Leopold d'Arenberg in: Stiftung & Sponsoring. Das Magazin für Nonprofit-Management und -Marketing. 2, 2013.

» Herzog Leopold von Arenberg. Bürger Europas. Ein portrait von Philipp Heubgen, Essen. [pdf, in german]

Castle of Schoonhoven, Aarschot

One century after the family left the castle, the Drones Club is organizing a conference about ‘’Aarschot en Arenberg’’ in the presence of Duke of Arenberg
Schoonhoven, Aarschot March 20th

Third Arenberg Conference for History under the direction of professor dr. Martin Wrede

‘‘Nobility and Nation in the modern times. Hierarchy, Equality and Loyalty, 16th-20th century‘‘
Deutsches Historisches Institut, Paris – Professor Martin Wrede
Paris, May 22-24th
» Program (PDF)
» Deutsches Historisches Institut Paris - Institut Historique Allemand (DHIP-IHA)

Seventh Arenberg Coimbra for European Excellency Award

» Galway, Irland May 23th

Board meeting German Arenberg Foundation, Essen-Heidhausen

Bonn, Germany May 24th

Meeting of the scientific committee of the Belgian Arenberg Foundation, Enghien
Meeting of the board of the Belgian Arenberg Foundation, Enghien

Enghien/Edingen May 25th

Debate: “Europe, quo vadis ?“ in collaboration with the Association of German Foundations, Essen-Heidhausen

» Berlin, June 10th (PDF)

New College of Europe – Arenberg Foundation Award :  ‘‘ Europe and Federalism‘‘ : presentation

Bruges, June 2013

Opening of the Exhibition: Mining and Iron Foundry by the Arenbergs in the Eifel

» The 7th of September 2013, Dr.-Erik-Herzog-von-Arenberg Gemeindehaus, Aremberg, Germany

Presentation of an exceptional document from the middle ages about the Crusades (1095-1187) in provenance of the Arenberg archives by professor Jacques Paviot

Paris, Institut de France, November 15th
» Une histoire des croisades inédite du XIVe siècle. Le rouleau d’Arenberg (PDF)

Debate : ‘’European Union – Republica Federativa do Brasil ‘’

Brussels in november : in planning


Le voyage du duc d’Arenberg en Italie (1791)
160 pages, Dr. Xavier Duquenne

Margarethe von der Marck (1527-1599), eine gefürstete Gräfin als Geschäftsfrau und Händlerin in einer Zeit grosser Umbrüche
205 pages, Dr. Peter Neu


Restauration program in collaboration the German National Archives, North Rhineland - Westfalia , Düsseldorf.


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