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Agenda 2009

Visit to Neufchâteau (Belgian Ardennes)



» Brochure

Visit of the "Société des Bibliophiles François"

» 19.09.2009, Enghien

Award of the Arenberg medal for merit to Dr Duquenne

19.09.2009, Enghien

Mrs Lieve Bické, directrice
Mr Robert-Louis Frank
Professors de Wilde et Dujardin
Mrs Anne-Marie Springer

Dr Duquenne

Awards of the Arenberg medal for merit

» 30.05.2009, Enghien

Prof dr Jan Roegiers
» Prof dr Jan Roegiers: gold medal

Académie de musique
» Lauréat de l' Académie de Musique d'Enghien, Louis Deveseleer: silver medal

Arnoud Mertens
» Dr Arnout Mertens: silver medal

Gregory Delannoy
» Mr Gregory Delannoy: silver medal

Scientific committee meeting

30.05.2009, Enghien
» Meeting minutes

Arenberg - Coimbra Group Prize Award

04.06.2009, Geneva, Switzerland
» Read: Speech by prince Leopold d'Arenberg

Concerts (Lauenen Chamber Music Association)

The 20th and 21th of February 2009: Concerts in the churches of Saanen and Lauenen




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