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Agenda 2007

Arenberg medal awards

>> Award of the golden medal to mr. Pablo Gobiet sr


Bertrand Goujon - Leopold d'Arenberg
Bertrand Goujon: silver medal

25.06.2007, Bonn
Dr. Heinz-Günther Borck, Director of the Landeshauptarchiv Koblenz: silver medal
>> Read [in german]: Address on the Occasion of the Medal Award to Prof. Dr. Borck

12.05.2007, Enghien
Académie de Musique d'Enghien: silver medal

Senhor José Nelson de Figueiredo, Lisboa
Senhor José Nelson de Figueiredo, Lisbon: silver medal

Arenberg - Coimbra Group Prize Award

31.05.2007, Turku
Read: Speech of prince d'Arenberg

Concerts (Lauenen Chamber Music Association)

2nd and 3rd of February 2007: concerts in the churches of Rougemont and Lauenen

Exhibitions (collaboration)

10.10.2007 - 13.01.2008
"The City and its fine surroundings. A look at Brussels and the surrounding areas in the 18th century."
Hôtel de Ville, Grand-Place, 1000 Brussels (Belgium)

Opening ceremony of the visitor centre of Fort Liefkenshoek, where a reproduction of a painting is shown on the creation of the "polders".
Fort Liefkenshoek, Ketenislaan 4, haven 1974, 9130 Kallo, Belgium
> Fort Liefkenshoek on the web site of the city of Beveren

28.03 - 2.09.2007
Un passe-temps princier. Les manufactures de Charles de Lorraine
MRAH - Musée du Cinquantenaire, Brussels, Belgium
> Go to the MRAH website [fr]

30.09.2006 – 07.01.2007
"Cartes de Suisse"
Music in Flanders at the time of Mozart
Hotel d’Hane-Steenhuyse, Ghent (Belgium)


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