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September 13th, 2006

Conference by the President of the European Commission, Dr. José Manuel Barroso, about the "Future of Europe" in collaboration with Minister of State, Prof. Dr. Mark Eyskens.

>> Listen to the speech (57 min):

The president enters the throne room, palace of Academies

Minister of State Mark Eyskens, ambassador Martinho and mr Pedro Cymbron

Introduction of the lecturer by minister of State Mark Eyskens

from left to right:
Mr Pedro Cymbron
Baron Philippe de Schoutheete de Tervarent
Viscountess Mark Eyskens
Prince Etienne d’Arenberg
Prince Henri d’Arenberg
Princess Henri d’Arenberg
The dean of the Catholic University Leuven, Belgium
President Barroso
Ambassador Martinho
Minister Marc Verwhilgen
Prince Leopold d’Arenberg
The mayor of Sedan, mr. Dominique Billaudelle
Princess Nicolas de Liechtenstein
Prince Nicolas de Liechtenstein

The lecturer

The throne room from above

Minister of State Mark Eyskens opens the debate

Mrs Lieve Bické, director of A.A.C.C, thanks the lecturer who receives the book of late Dr. Yves Delannoy , ‘the parc of Enghien’

He admires the gift with minister of State Mark Eyskens

The president of the European Commission with Prince Leopold d’Arenberg

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