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27 May 2006 Arenberg Medal Award

Enghien, Saturday, May the 27th : Award of the Arenberg medal to Mrs Sophie Hugo, Music school, Enghien.

Among others :
Professor Jim Collins (Georgetown University, Washington D.C)
Rector Catholic University Leuven, Professor Dr. Mark Vervenne

Among others :
President of the Federation of Tourism, Province of Liege, Belgium
Marquis Olivier de Trazegnies

The Medal award recipient, Ms Sophie Hugo, with Prince d’Arenberg and Mr. Daniel Soumillion, Cercle archéologique d’Enghien

Minister of State, Prof. Dr. Mark Eyskens summarizes the activities of the A.A.C.C, Enghien in the last months

Minister of State, Prof. Dr. Mark Eyskens and President Olivier Hamal

Mr. Olivier Hamal gives explanations about the historical way de La Marck-Arenberg that is going to establish a link between Sedan and Liège

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