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Agenda 2017

Chamber music concert in the church of Lauenen, Berner Oberland

February 25th
See Lauenen Chamber Music Association:

International conference: armed resistance in East and Southeast Europe (1945-1955)

March 16th-18th
In collaboration with the Austrian Academy for Sciences and the Institute von Vogelsang, Vienna
Vienna seminar group picture
» Speech by the Duke d'Arenberg [PDF]

Book presentation: Fac-similé of the catalogue of the book auction – Charles de Croy, duke of Arschot and prince of Chimay (1560-1612).

May 31st
In collaboration with the Mazarine library and the Société des Bibliophiles François, Paris

Oldtimer rallye: Arenberg trophy

June 4-5th
French-Belgian route: parc of Enghien – Beloeil – Arenberg-Wallers – Le Roeulx – Ecaussines-Lalaing. In collaboration with the Drones Club of Belgium

Prize Award College of Europe Arenberg about « Exploring federal solutions »

June 7th
In the European Parliament, Brussels. In collaboration with the College of Europe, Natolin-Bruges.

Prize Award Arenberg Coimbra, Edinburgh

June 9th
In collaboration with the European group of universities Coimbra
» Speech by the Duke d'Arenberg

Celebration of 100 years Lions Club world-wide, Enghien

June 10th
» Opening speech by the Duke d'Arenberg

Meeting of the board of the Arenberg Foundation and of the scientific committee
Arenberg « Medal for Merit » Award, Enghien

June 10th

Centre Européen d’Etudes Bourguignonnes

20-23rd September

Conference: « Cybernetics and Terror » in collaboration with the Royal Academies of Belgium

November 17th

Presentation of the book «  The House of Arenberg in France », Paris



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