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Objectives and Strategy


To encourage the study of European history and culture, so that the inhabitants of modern Europe, and in particular those living in what were known as the Low Countries and the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation, can develop a healthy confidence in themselves and accelerate the development of the European Union.


To encourage collaboration between Universities, historical associations, the state archives, local and regional authorities and private enterprises in the eight European countries where the House of Arenberg once occupied positions of administrative and cultural importance. For example, the Universities of Leuven and Louvain-la-Neuve, the General Archives of the kingdom of Belgium, the State Archives of the Rhineland-Palatinate and Rhineland-Westphalia, the historical societies and the local and regional authorities of Aarschot, Beveren, Enghien, Neufchâteau, Sedan, etc., and of the 52 towns and villages in northern and central Europe with which the Arenbergs were closely connected.

To convince families having archives of their own to join with us in our efforts to find ways of making better and more extensive use of these cultural treasures and to make them accessible to a wide public.

To make the Arenberg Archives more widely known.


  • More than twenty private publications and since 2005 the provision of sponsorship for works of a scientific character throwing fresh light on our past.
  • Participation in exhibitions through the loan of family possessions, for example the exhibition in Enghien devoted to Charles d'Arenberg (1994) or the exhibition in Leuven devoted to the blind duke Louis-Engelbert (1996).
  • Installation of a museum in Enghien-Edingen (Belgium).
  • Organisation of conferences, for example the seminar on "Twenty-five years of French history, 1940-1965" with Commandant Hélie Denoix de St Marc (1998), the lecture on 'The European challenge' with former Prime Minister Mark Eyskens (2002) or the lecture on ' Europe, quo vadis ? with former Prime Minister of Belgium Jean-Luc Dehaene (2004)
  • The Arenberg History Prize 'Duke d'Arenberg', first awarded in 1992.
  • European prize Arenberg-Coimbra, first awarded in 2007
  • College of Europe – Arenberg Foundation prize, since 2013
  • Since 2002, organisation of concerts (Lauenen, Berner Oberland)
  • Socio-cultural events such as the Jubilee (360 years) of the old duchy of Arenberg (Eifel), in 2004.


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College of Europe - Arenberg European PrizeCollege of Europe - Arenberg European Prize

Arenberg-Coimbra Prize

History Prizes 'Duke d'Arenberg'



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