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Arenberg Foundation, Enghien

  • an independent think tank to promote history

Members of the board:

  • Minister of State, Viscount Mark Eyskens, president
  • H.S.H. Prince Henry d'Arenberg, vice president
  • Prof. dr. Koenraad Debackere
  • Baroness Janine Delruelle
  • H.E. Ambassador Baron Frans Van Daele
  • H.S.H. Prince Etienne d'Arenberg
  • H.S.H. (Leopold) Duke d'Arenberg, C.E.O.


Arenberg Archives and Cultural Centre at Enghien/Edingen

  • restoration and conservation of archives

Members of the Board of Directors of the AACC


H.S.H Prince d'Arenberg (Leopold)

H.S.H Duke d'Arenberg (Leopold)

    • H.S.H Prince Henri d'Arenberg
    • H.S.H Prince Etienne d'Arenberg

Associate member :

    • H.R.H Duchess d’Arenberg

Studium Arenbergense, Enghien / Edingen

  • finances the Centre's operating expenses

Members of the supervisory committee of the Studium Arenbergense asbl, Enghien

  • President:
    • H.S.H Duke d'Arenberg (Leopold)
  • Directors and associate members:
    • H.S.H Prince Henri d'Arenberg
    • H.S.H Prince Etienne d'Arenberg
    • H.S.H Prince Pierre d'Arenberg
    • Mr Clément Crohain, former Burgomaster of Enghien
  • Associate member
    • H.I.R.H. Archduchess Laetitia of Habsburg-Lorraine

Arenberg-Stiftung, Essen-Heidhausen

  • finances history-related publications

Members of the board of the Arenberg-Stiftung, Essen (Germany)

  • Dr. Elsbeth Andre, managing director, Landeshauptarchiv Koblenz, Koblenz
  • H.S.H Duke d'Arenberg (Leopold), president
  • H.S.H Prince Etienne d'Arenberg
  • Dr. Martina Wiech, managing director Abt. Rheinland, Landesarchiv Nordrhein-Westfalen, Duisburg
  • Prof. Dr. Heinz-Günther Borck, Koblenz, scientific adviser
  • Prof. Dr. Michael Matheus, scientific adviser
  • Mr Erich Steinsdörfer, ass, managing director, Deutscher Stifterverband, Arenberg-Stiftung: Barkhovenallee 1 Postfach 164460 in D-445239 Essen


Become a member of and contributor to the Association 'the Friends of the Arenberg Foundation'

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