Upcoming Events

6 April 2019

Arenberg-Heritage-Tour Nordkirchen, Germany

Arenberg-Heritage-Tour Nordkirchen, Germany. As an addition to the Arenberg Festival in Leuven Birgit Beisch (Schloss Nordkirchen) and Koen Himpe (Brussels) offer a special tour that is focused on the cultural heritage of the Arenberg Family in Nordkirchen.

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24 May 2019

Annual meeting of the German Arenberg-Stiftung, Bonn

Annual meeting of the German Arenberg-Stiftung, Bonn

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1 June 2019

Annual Meeting in Enghien

On Saturday June 1 the scientific committee of the Arenberg Foundation holds its yearly meeting. And as it has been a tradition for years, a festive lunch will be coupled to meetings and several medal for merit awards.

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Annual meeting

7 June 2019

Arenberg Coimbra Prize Award, Krakow

The Arenberg-Coimbra Group Prize for Erasmus Students is awarded annually since 2007 to a Master degree candidate of a Coimbra Group University, in any academic discipline, who, having previously undertaken an Erasmus exchange with another Coimbra Group University has in the opinion of the selection committee best demonstrated the added value of that exchange to their Master degree work. The Prize awarded is of the value of €5,000.

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Arenberg - Coimbra Group Prize Prizes

9 – 10 June 2019

Arenberg Trophy III. The noble houses of de la Marck and Arenberg in the provinces of Liège, Luxembourg and in the French Ardennes

The Arenberg Foundation and The Drones Club of Belgium are joining forces for this original rally for the third time. This edition of the Arenberg Trophy has as theme "The noble houses of de la Marck and Arenberg in the provinces of Liège, Luxembourg and in the French Ardennes".

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Arenberg Trophy

Past events

2 March 2019

Lauenen Chamber Concerts

The Lauenen Chamber Concerts Association is a small and lean organisation with the objective to organise and support performances of chamber music (including chamber orchestras) in Lauenen. Other efforts have included the support of young musicians and the promotion of contemporary classical music.

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Music Lauenen Concert

25 January 2019

The Arenbergs, 360° virtual tour

Did you miss the exhibition "Power and Beauty. The Arenbergs"? No worries, visit the exhibition via our virtual tour!

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Exhibitions The Arenbergs

6 – 7 December 2018

VIIIth Arenberg Conference for History: Addressing the Public Abroad. Strategies of Cultural and Public Diplomacy in the Early Modern Habsburg World (1550-1750)

This conference aims to examine a field that a number of historians and art historians have analyzed in the last two decades, but which has seldom been explicitly delineated or discussed in a comparative fashion: strategies of cultural and public diplomacy in the early modern Habsburg world (1550-1750). Therefore, this conference focuses on the different tactics employed by the representatives of foreign nations and groups – both official and unofficial – in influencing public opinion abroad and, in doing so, furthering diplomatic engagements.

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Conferences & seminars Arenberg Conference for History

26 November 2018

Talkshow "De Afspraak"

Duke Leopold was invited on the Belgian talkshow "De Afspraak" to talk about the Arenberg Festival and the Arenberg Foundation (Image: VRT.be)

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